Monday, 24 November 2008

The New Adventures of "Will o' the Whisk"

Let me introduce myself- I am Stig, creator of the now famed Will O' the Whisk!
Unbeknown to us all, when Will o' the whisk came to our attention, she had another life. Earlier this week I was sent a photograph of her receiving her award as the British "wisko" diva of the year.
She has now been invited at a weekend at Utensil Manor as the guest of Colonel Adirondack . I have heard that there will be several other guests- Professor Kling-On , Miss Ruby Stickles, Reverend Grungeboard, Mrs Stamp, Mrs Ink, and Dr Holtz! It promises to be an exciting weekend, and to keep abreast of the happenings, make yourself a follower, and be in line for blog candy.
See you soon


Calv said...

Hi Stig! Nice to meet you....and may i say how great that arty mask is. If all else fails, you could always audition for the next Fridy 13th movie! lol :)

Utensil Manor sounds fascinating, especialy with that guest list. Sounds like a "crafty cluedo".....i'm going for Professor Kling-On, with the heat gun, in the library! :)

Welcome to blogland, really looking forward to following this one!

maddy hill said...

Welcome to blogland Stig !....
Shes a dark whisk that one isn't she lol ! I'd keep an eye on her !
lol yep sounds like a crafty cludo to me too ---- its got to be Ruby Stickles that poisons guests with the blending solution !
ive had a giggle thanks stig !

Hels said...

Hiya Stig - I recognised you straight away - your mask stood out a mile!!! I also happen to know that the famed Diva of the stampworld Madamoiselle Stitchel will be at the Utensil Manor gig, so Will'o best watch out ... *evil laugh*

Jennie said...

Hehe would recognize that mask anywhere! Personally I think Mrs Stamp did it with an inkpad :)

June said...

Love it. Great work on this one and am sure i will see more soon ... dunno what the next performance is gonna be but i might try that too hehehe . What about you ?

Hugs June xxx

me said...

Hello and welcome to blogland :)
from me